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  neck warmer

Deep Blue & Green Plaid - by Marvin - Aug 2017

Just what I needed and I love it

  Very nice!

Bible Scriptures - We Will Serve the Lord  - by NA - June, 2017

Love it.

  Product is as advertized

Camo 3 - by NA - June, 2017

Product was well made and works great!

  Product is as advertized

Flowers - Deep Blue with Purple Flowers - by NA - June, 2017

Well made and works great!


Chocolate Pastel Flowers - by NA - June, 2017

Love that you can wash these by removing the outer part. Love the variety of patterns. These heat up nicely and stay warm for an extended period of time. Very resonably priced.

  A Great Relief

Music to My Ears 2 - by Mark - May, 2017

It's a lovely pillow made to last a long time. Heat retention is good and it's comfortable on the skin.

  helpful cornbags

Butterflies on Blue - Breast Cancer Awareness - jcdo - Mar 2017

These are very good quality bags, love the fact that they have velcro closures for washing. I keep two in freezer and am planning on ordering more for microwave. Great size options too. They work very well for headaches and stomach aches.

  I use them every day

Deep Blue & Green Plaid - William - Mar 2017

They are great for heating any part of the body that is sore , which increases blood circulation and that helps healing or recovery.

  Not much corn in the bag.

Deep Blue & Green Plaid - David - Mar 2017

Not enough stuff in the bag for it to stay put and keep heat where you want it.

(Customer Service - David, thank you for your feedback because this helps us design better products for our customers. Each of our Cornbag Warmers is weighed and heated before shipment to insure they perform as expected.  If you are looking for a warmer that keeps the corn more localized, please consider our lap warmer since it has 3 pockets for this very reason.  If you would like to return/swap your warmer, we will gladly help you with this. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.)


Swirling Waves - Chris - Feb 2017

Needed a replacement for a cornbag warmer I purchased 20 years ago. The one I received is so good I ordered a second. Wished I could purchase an extra cover. (HAPPY TO SAY THAT WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF ADDING THE ABILITY TO ORDER EXTRA COVERS - Thank you!)

  The quality is great!

Deep Blue with Purple Flowers - Richard - Mar 2017

Even though all sizes are just as described, they don't work well for us. My wife is an invalid and needs the warmth, these are all too heavy for her to place on her body. Do you make a lighter version? (Sales note: Richard - we are happy to help you with this - thank you!)

  Awesome and Comforting

Mermaids - Sue K. - Mar 2017

I loved the first Cornbag Warmer I bought so much that I bought another one for a gift! Quality is great and so is the customer service!


Black and Pink Bouquet - by - NA - Mar 2017

Absolutely love this product!

  "The Cat" Loves Her Warm Kittens!

Playful Kittens & Cats - Bob - Feb 2017

My daughter Noelle (nickname "Cat") loves the look, feel, and warmth of her "playful kittens" Valentine's Day corn bag warmer. The lap size is great for warming up larger areas of her back as well as on her feet or lap.

  Warm Bible Comfort!

Bible Scriptures - Bob - Feb 2017

My wife loves the look, feel, and warmth of her "Bible verses" Valentine's Day corn bag warmer. The lap size is great for warming up larger areas of her back as well as on her feet or lap. And she gets to work on memory verses while enjoying the warmth.

  Tasty and warm! ;-)

Gingerbread Cookie Fun - Bob - Feb 2017

My daughter Natalie (nickname "Muffin") gets to think about tasty gingerbread treats while she enjoys the look, feel, and warmth of her Valentine's Day corn bag warmer. The lap size is great for warming up larger areas of her back as well as on her feet or lap.

  Hollie Loves Her Holly Hearts!

Gingerbread Cookie Fun- Bob - Feb 2017

My daughter Hollie loves the look, feel, and warmth of her Valentine's Day corn bag warmer. The lap size is great for warming up larger areas of her back as well as on her feet or lap.

  Wonderful gift!

Gingerbread Cookie Fun - by - NA - Feb 2017

 The puppy luv warmer was a gift for my mother. She absolutely loves it! Uses it everyday.


Deep Purple Roses - L, Maroney - Feb 2017

I am extremely happy with the Corn Bag(s). I have Raynauds and other circulatory problems and the bags have exceeded my expectations. I ordered two different sizes and use both. I highly recommend this product. God Bless


Red & Blue - Ransom - Jan 2017

Fast and a great product

  Gift well received

 Chocolate Pastel Butterflies - Melinda - Jan 2017

Purchased as a gift. She was very happy!!!

  So pleased!!

Chocolate Pastel Flowers - Tammy - Jan 2017

I had a cornbag warmer that I had for over 10 years. I don't remember where it came from, but used it and used it until I had to discard it. I have been afraid to order another one, afraid I would be unhappy with the quality not being equal to the one I had, but I took a chance and ordered 2 from you. I am so happy!! The quality is excellent! I am thrilled to have a new cornbag warmer that I know will last as long as my last one did!! Thank you!


Garden Veggies - Jane - Jan 2017

Fits over my thighs so I can get relief from pain that often hits at night while I am trying to relax. I am a gardener so I love the material. Service was "super fast."


Bird Cages - Jane - Jan 2017

I often get horrid pain in my upper legs. This fits over the thighs and offers relief. Plus the fabric is "too cute."

  Love love love!

Amazing Ocean - JDiamondW - Jan 2017

I ordered the smallest one for when my jaw hurts, ear aches or just when my hands get cold in the winter. After the order we got contacted to make sure we wanted the smallest size as such an order is unusual for the company. I really liked that contact. I LOVE the product. The design I chose is like a little pillow case for the corn bag itself. That is a GREAT idea.

  Finally I found you!!!

Tea for Two - Melinda - Jan 2017

When we lived in Indiana we would purchase corn bag warmers at the craft fairs..... moved away in 2006. So happy to find you!!! Neck one is great ( would like about 2 inches added to each end for a total of 4 inches. I'd be willing to pay more! My daughter uses it for stress headaches.


Autumn Leaves - Jackie - Jan 2017

Product is fantastic!!!!! Only thing better was the Cornbag Warmers company to deal with!!!!!

(Thank you Jackie - we appreciate you!! The sales team at CBW)

  Love the Product

Purple Flowers with Butterflies - Kay - Jan 2017

Love the product

  Warm coverage

Purple Flowers with Butterflies - Lisa - Jan 2017

I bought the lap size. It covers a big area and holds its heat for awhile.

  Only average heat retention. But dry. Dry is good.

by NA - June, 2017

Love that you can wash these by removing the outer part. Love the variety of patterns. These heat up nicely and stay warm for an extended period of time. Very resonably priced.


I just placed an order for a second cornbag! The quality is great and I love the fact I can wash the exterior bag. My husband likes mine so much that he's getting one for Christmas too! We were pleasantly blessed when we read the instruction tag too! God bless.

No name given but we appreciate the kind words!!

I was very pleased with the quality and coloring of the chocolate pastel flower lap cornbag I purchased as a gift. It was well packaged. All of the communication from the seller gave me a very kind and personal feel. I would highly recommend this product!


I couldn't just leave a testimony! I had to tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE my new cornbag warmer!! I've been searching for years for an "old fashioned" warmer that is well made and non-scented. I finally found what I was looking for with you! And the ordering/paying/receiving process was so effortless. Thank you for selling a high quality product at a fair price with ease. You're wonderful!!!!


My daughter has used a warmer that I received as a wedding gift all her life, so I got one for her as a shower gift. It's perfect.

Jeannie - Better than Expected

I had heard about these thru someone else - went online to check them out and stumbled across this website. They arrived in a very timely fashion and worked beyond what I thought they would. They stayed hot for a long time. The website was easy to navigate. I am now ordering some more for Xmas gifts for my family


We wanted a pattern that we could easily find in our living room.  The Fall pattern is warm, inviting, and easily identified.  The craftsmanship of the product the warranty and the service are impeccable. I am thinking of gifting these at Christmas for some of the older folks in the family.  THANK YOU!!

Heading off to college......

My daughter will use this in her dorm to keep her feet warm, because they don't allow electric blankets.  She was delighted with the jungle lizards print, and I am impressed by the quality of the stitching.  She has already tried it out for muscle pain, and likes it very much.


Great Value!

Love these corn bag warmers! I bought a few over the holiday season and decided to buy a few more for friends more recently. They are well made and work really well! Love the pattern too!


I can't help but wonder if you pray over all your orders before they are shipped out??  It brought me such comfort and relieved the pain in my foot!  Thank you!!!


For about five years now, I have heated up a corn bag warmer each night to put on my feet while I fall asleep. About two years ago, my husband also started using one nightly. The only problem was that the microwave was all the way in the kitchen and both of us hated waiting for two warmers. This past Christmas, my husband solved the problem.... By buying a microwave for  our bedroom! Best gift ever! Now, we can both sleep soundly with our corn bag warmers without having to walk all the way to the kitchen!


I am so very happy with my new corn bags I will be ordering some for family!


"The quality of this product is unsurpassed. I've tried several types of heating pads and have been unhappy with all of them. They don't hold the heat and leak. This one holds the heat for over a half an hour after microwaving for 2 minutes and gives a penetrating heat. In addition, the covers are very well made and the breast cancer pattern is beautiful. Very responsive customer service. I would highly recommend this product."


"Received the corn bag today and love it!"


I want to thank you for making these wonderful bed warmers. We got two last Christmas, and we use them every night in the winter. They not only warm the bed before we get in, they also help to reduce joint pain by keeping my sore hip more relaxed. I love them!

Phil and Nancy

"I phoned cornbagwarmers.com today to see if, in addition to ordering a new lap warmer for myself, I might be able to order an additional cover my wife's lap warmer. The cover on her lap warmer finally got too threadbare to use and she has been wrapping it in a pillowcase for the past several months. My wife loves her lap warmer and uses it every night and sometimes for an afternoon nap. We like to sleep with the bedroom very cold and my wife cannot sleep when her feet are cold. The answer to that problem is to put her lap warmer under the covers at the bottom of the bed at least five minutes before she climbs in. We take her lap warmer with us everywhere we go so it has been in about a dozen foreign countries. Before you start to think that the cover on her lap warmer might have worn out too quickly, I should mention that she has used it at least once every day since we got it in JANUARY 2004! We cannot recommend any other product as much as we do the lap warmer from cornbagwarmers.com."


"Just wanted you to know that I just placed my second order with you for Christmas presents. I received my first order yesterday and they are WONDERFUL - my family is going to love them, and such nice quality. We are farmers in NE - corn and soybeans so I wish you continued success with a great 'commodity" business!'"


"They are absolutely wonderful. We truly enjoy the ability to change out the covers. It is great :-) "


"I ordered a great cornbag warmer. It was received in record time and was just wonderful. My son and I are constantly racing to get it first. Looks like I'll be needing another :) "


"I grew up in Texas and am cold anytime the temperature drops.  Your Microwave Heating Pad is simply amazing.  The kids and I use them on our way to school and around the house.  We especially love to use them when going to bed.  They keep the bed warm for hours.  Wonderful!"


"I am using my cornbag warmer and think it is great. You have a great product and all my friends are going to find out about it."

Art and Diana

"I sent your info to a friend who wants to order same. It is not us. Thank you so much for the info; you have a great product! We wanted to tell others. Thanks."


My mother suffers from fibromyalgia and the moist heat from Corn Bags helps so much.


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