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Posted by Angela on 14th Sep 2018

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I'm Always Cold - I Am Always Cold

Growing up in South Texas where it is always warm, I quickly realized that I needed something to help during the cold months after I moved to Oklahoma.  We get many days that are in the 30's and below and these just freeze me to the bone.  I am always cold!

My husband is from up north, so he loves these cold days, so finding a balance with the thermostat can sometimes be a challenge.

That is where my Cornbag Warmer comes in..... it has been a lifesaver and gets used every day from the start of the cold weather season until the end.

Truly, I cannot imagine surviving fall and winter without it.

Whether at Home, College or at Work..... Cornbag Warmers Can Help!

All of our Microwavable Corn Heat Pads are hand made in the USA and have been Designed to provide Years of Moist Heating Comfort and Relief.

If your hands ache from the cold, then these are wonderful - I carry mine around throughout the day because it doesn't matter what the thermostat is set to, my hands are always cold.

If you suffer from cold feet at work, then these are perfect.  Electric space heaters can start a fire so many companies don't allow them.  If you ever say "my feet are always cold", then Our Microwave Lap Warmer is the Perfect Foot Warmer.

Finally, if you are tired of hopping into a cold bed, then read this article because cornbagwarmers make the perfect Bed Buddy Microwavable Bed Warmer!

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Corn Bag Warmers Last for Years!

Corn Bags Warmers Are The Best Reusable All Natural Microwave Corn Heating Pads for Sale