Bed Warmers are Microwavable Corn Heating Pads

Posted by Sales on 14th Sep 2018

No More Cold Feed at Night Time!!


Our Lap and Pillow Warmers are your perfect Bed Buddy - they are reusable microwavable corn heating pads that will make a cold bed a thing of the past

Lap Warmers are Perfect Bed Warmers

"I phoned today to see if, in addition to ordering a new lap warmer for myself, I might be able to order an additional cover my wife's lap warmer. The cover on her lap warmer finally got too threadbare to use and she has been wrapping it in a pillowcase for the past several months. My wife loves her lap warmer and uses it every night and sometimes for an afternoon nap. We like to sleep with the bedroom very cold and my wife cannot sleep when her feet are cold. The answer to that problem is to put her lap warmer under the covers at the bottom of the bed at least five minutes before she climbs in. We take her lap warmer with us everywhere we go so it has been in about a dozen foreign countries. Before you start to think that the cover on her lap warmer might have worn out too quickly, I should mention that she has used it at least once every day since we got it in JANUARY 2004! We cannot recommend any other product as much as we do the lap warmer from"  

Phil and Nancy - Niceville, Florida

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Microwavable Corn Bed Warmer - No More Cold Feet!!

Simply the Best & Highest Quality Microwave Corn Heating Pad

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Corn Bags Warmers Are The Best Reusable All Natural Microwave Corn Heating Pads for Sale