Microwave Heating Pads (Corn Bag Warmers) come in 5 sizes


Picture showing all 5 sizes of Our Microwave Corn Heating Pads - Neck Warmer, Lap Warmer (Back Heating Pad), Pillow Warmer, Hand Warmer, and NEW LARGE NECK WARMER

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Each Microwave Heating Pack is filled with high quality corn which holds heat longer than rice, flax, or wheat. Our warmers have been designed to be very comfortable and flexible so that they conform to your body. Simply the best Microwavable Heat Pack available!!

Lap Warmer (3 corn pockets)

Our Microwave Lap Warmer is our most popular size and is the ideal heating pad for back pain. Click here to learn more about how our Lap Warmer can help relieve back pain.

It is 18 inches long and was designed to lay across your lap, back, on your feet, or anywhere you have a larger area to keep warm.It is perfect for watching TV or spending time doing your favorite hobby. If your feet get cold, this is the choice for you. It is ideal as an upper back and shoulder heating pad.

Use it for a Bed Heating Pad - it doesn't require wires and because of its size, it keeps the bed warm for hours - make it your bed buddy! It is really amazing!

Large Neck Warmer (6 corn pockets)

NEW SIZE!! - for larger necks and those needing more heat than our standard neck warmer.

After many years, we are excited to announce the addition of a large neck warmer! This is destined to be one of our top sellers because it fills a niche between the neck and lap warmer.

In fact, we've been testing this for over a year to make sure that you are happy when you order one!

This is great for both upper back pain, neck strain, shoulder stiffness, lower back pain, and it's perfect to lay down the spine. Really... there are so many uses!

Please note - it's only being offered in the following patterns for now including:

Neck Warmer (5 corn pockets)

Our Neck Heating Pad is very popular because of the way it contours to your neck - it feels like a heated neck wrap. The reason it's so comfortable is because the corn is held in 5 different pockets, allowing the corn to move just the right amount.

The Neck Warmer helps with those sore shoulder and neck muscles from spending too much time in front of the computer. Because of its length, it is perfect to use as a neck and shoulder pillow heating pad. Click here to learn more about how our Neck Warmers can help relieve neck pain.

The large neck contains almost a pound of corn more than our Neck Warmer - please call us if you are not sure which to order.

Pillow Style Warmer (1 corn pocket)

Whether you use a rice warmer, flax warmer, or bean warmer - this is the most common size you will find sold anywhere.

Our Pillow Warmer is just the right size to keep several around the house for guests, playing games, or just about anything you want to do. It is perfect for taking in the car on those chilly mornings. Just be sure to get enough for the kids, because they will be fighting for it before you leave the garage!

Hand Warmer (1 corn pocket)

Our Hand Warmer is our smallest size offered. It is perfect for keeping the the kids warm while waiting for the bus on those cold winter mornings. These are great for warming up the kids shoes, gloves, or anything else that will keep your kids warm and toasty.

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