Why Our Corn Heating Pads Last for Years

Posted by Tom on 14th Sep 2018

Be Careful.... Some Heating Pads can Leak!


All of our Microwavable cornbagwarmers are hand made in the USA and have been Designed to provide Years of Moist Heating Comfort and Relief.

Be Careful

Some companies are making their Low Cost Corn, Rice, Flax, or Wheat Microwaveable Heating Pads out of a Single Bag.  What this means is that the cloth material you hold in your hand is the same material that holds the corn, rice, wheat or flax.  These low cost heating pads have a tendency to leak.

Low Cost Heating Pads can Leak

Ask yourself this...... Do I want Corn or other bits of material on the floor of my home so that I am stepping on them because of a leaking heating pad?

Worse yet, what if my child or grandchild picks up a piece and puts it in their mouth?

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The Problem is Solved!!

When we designed our Corn Microwave Heating Pads back in 2001, our original design was a single layer design, but we found through testing that this was not safe and leaked soon into the testing process.  We pioneered the inner and outer bag solution and it is Simply the Best Solution available.

High Quality Design Lasts for Years

This has many benefits including:

  • It allows us to use very rugged, high quality cotton material for the inner corn bag
  • We can use almost any cotton material for the outer cover - we can use the most delicate fabrics!
  • The Lap and Neck Heating Pads are Very Comfortable - the outer cover does not have to be sewn into pockets to keep the corn from moving around - the inner bag takes care of this.
  • Moist heat that you must feel to believe!!


Our customers say it best

...... I should mention that she has used it at least once every day since we got it in JANUARY 2004! (received summer 2015)

Simply the Best & Highest Quality Microwave Corn Heating Pad

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Made in USA

Corn Bag Warmers Last for Years!

Corn Bags Warmers Are The Best Reusable All Natural Microwave Corn Heating Pads for Sale