Frequently Asked Questions

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Scroll down to see the most commonly asked questions.  If we have missed something, simply click here to send us your question and we will typically reply within 1 business day.

How do I Purchase a Microwave Heating Pad?

Please follow these steps to order a Corn Heating Pad:

  1. Browse until you find a pattern you like - click here to visit our Fabric Gallery
  2. Make sure you are on the page for that pattern.
  3. Select the size you want to purchase - click here for size info.
  4. Click the 'Add to Cart' button.
  5. Click the 'Proceed to Checkout' button or the 'Continue Shopping' button.
  6. Follow the checkout process.
  7. Call us if you have any problems - click here for contact info

Can I track my order?

Absolutely!! We use the latest technology to ship which means that the email you receive when your order ships will allow you to get real time info on where your New Cornbag Warmer is!

Do we store credit card info?

Your security is a Top Priority for us.  As such, we NEVER store your credit card or PayPal info.

PayPal, Amazon Pay and Apply Pay:

We NEVER have access to your payment or private info if using Amazon or Apple Pay.

How Long Do I Heat a Microwave Corn Heating Pad?

Corn Bag Warmer Heating times can be found by Clicking Here

Can I Purchase an Outer Cover or Inner Corn Bag by Itself?

We know that accidents happen.... you might spill something on your outer cover or accidentally get your inner corn bag wet.  We want you to love your Cornbag Warmer and enjoy it for many years, so we are happy to sell a replacement Outer Cover or Inner Bag to Existing Customers. Call or email us for details - click here for contact info.

Why Don't You Offer Free Shipping on All Orders?

I know.... Amazon has made free shipping the de-facto standard. I wish we were Amazon, but alas, we are a small mom & pop business focused on quality, a great product, lots of choices and customer service.

Corn Filled Microwave Heating Pads are heavy.... This is good for you because that is what makes them so great! Unfortunately, that weight makes them a little expensive to ship. The typical shipping cost for an average order or 1 or 2 bags is just under $10.

We are committed to making your shopping experience fun and easy, and we realized that customers do not like the uncertainty of not knowing what shipping would cost. That's why we offer flat rate shipping. This means that we lose 3-4 dollars on every order we ship and larger orders cost us 6-7 dollars. Our hope is that we make up the difference in volume.

The good news is this.... we do offer free shipping on orders over $75, so order a lot of Cornbag Warmers!! Thank you for your interest!

When Can I Expect My Order to Ship?

Orders are Hand crafted right here in Oklahoma. When you order from us we get to work. You will receive something that has been made with love & care, not something mass produced in China. That is why your order may not ship the same day you place it.

We ship orders Monday - Friday. Orders received by 3pm CST are generally shipped the same day or the next day. Here are a couple examples to help:

  • If you place your order before 3pm on Monday, it may ship the same day, but will generally ship Tuesday.
  • If you place your order after 3pm on Monday, it might ship Tuesday, but will probably ship Wednesday or possible Thursday.
  • If you place your order before 3pm Thursday, then it will generally ship Friday.
  • If you place your order after 3pm Thursday, then it might ship Friday, but will probably ship Monday or Tuesday at the latest based upon how many orders come in over the weekend.

During the month of December, Christmas orders may take an extra day, so please plan for this - if you pay full price for shipping, we bump your order to the front of the line. Each order is hand made.

We do our best to ship the same or next day, but sometimes we have so many orders to fill that it becomes impossible. So for planning purposes, please keep the above examples in mind.


Do I have to pay for shipping on Bulk Orders?

Because Cornbag Warmers are heavy (3.5 lbs for a lap warmer), bulk orders (over 10 bags) will not receive free shipping. We reserve the right to limit free shipping on large/commercial orders. We appreciate your understanding.

What Shipping Method Do You Use for $6 or Free Shipping?

We reserve the right to ship using any method, but typically use USPS Priority for most orders, and UPS for heavier orders.

How Long Does USPS Priority Take to Deliver?

USPS Priority is generally delivered in 2 business days although some delivery locations take 3 days. THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED, SO IF YOU MUST HAVE YOUR ORDER DELIVERED BY A CERTAIN DATE, THEN YOU MUST USE OVERNIGHT OR CALL US to use UPS.

Why Should I pay for shipping instead of just using $6 or free shipping?

If you pay for shipping, we move your order to the top of the line ahead of all the $6 or free shipping orders. Your get preferred treatment!

Thank you for Visiting - Have a Blessed Day!

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