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Corn For Microwaveable Cornbag Warmers


All of our Microwave Heating Pad Corn Bag Warmers come in 2 parts. An inner corn bag and an outer decorative cover. When you order a Cornbag Warmer from us, it comes with both the inner bag and the decorative cover

  • the inner corn bag holds the corn - we don't use popcorn, so there is no concern that you will end up with a fluffy bowl of popcorn when you heat your warmer for the first time!

  • the outer decorative cover fits over the inner corn bag - this is what gives your warmer personality!!

The outer cover comes in many different patterns to choose from for your microwaveable heating pad cover - visit our Fabric Gallery where you can select from over 125 different patterns to choose from!

You are sure to enjoy our microwave heating pad for Many Years because you can wash the outer cover in the washing machine when it loses that fresh look and feel.

Our reusable heat packs are Eco-Friendly and can be Heated Over and Over allowing you to enjoy Moist Heat and Deep Warmth for years to come

By using an inner and outer bag, you will find that our Corn Bag Warmers are simply the most comfortable you can buy!

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Inner corn bag and outer decorative pattern cover showing how our Corn Heating Pads are Constructed


One thing that makes our microwave corn pillows unique, is the fact that we put Velcro ® across the opening of every outer decorative cover. The Velcro ® holds the inner corn bag in place regardless of how the warmer is turned. This eliminates the aggravation of the inner bag always falling out. We pioneered this solution back in 2001 and are delighted to say that it is still the best solution on the market!

Velcro on our microwavable heating pad

We hope you enjoy our microwavable heat packs - if you have a special request, be sure to send us your thoughts on the Contact Page

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