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How People USE their Microwave Corn Heating Pad

I Love my Corn Bag Warmer - It helps with aches & Pains and makes the Cold Weather Tolerable!

Woman gazing lovingly at her Microwave Corn Heat Pad

Our Corn Bag Warmers are the best microwave corn heating pads for sale.

If you are always cold, then the lap warmer is sure to become your corn buddy. Click here for more info

Since they are all natural, reusable, and don't require electric cords, you can take them in the car or while waiting for the school bus on those chilly mornings!

In Pain....The Best Heating Pad for Back, Shoulder or Neck Pain

Microwave Corn Heating Pad on the upper back - helpful for physical therapy     Microwave Corn Heating Pad on the Neck to help with sore neck and shoulder muscles.

Many people suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain.  If you suffer from this, please try our therapeutic microwave heating pads.

  • A Lap Warmer is recommended for back pain
  • A neck warmer is ideal if you suffer from computer fatigue. 
  • Often recommended for Physical Therapy by Therapists and Chiropractors.

The Deep Warmth and Moist Heat Provide Lasting Relief.

Heading off to College.....

Many colleges and universities don't allow electric blankets or space heaters because of the fire risk they pose.  Our Corn Bag Warmers are the perfect solution to keep you warm in your dorm room.  Just pop your heating pad in the microwave and a couple minutes later you have solved the problem.  No more cold feet and they make a great bed warmer!!

They also make great stress relievers!

Some of the Many Uses

  • If you suffer from cold feet, the lap warmer will keep the bed warm for hours (make it your bed buddy)
  • Warming up the kids when they come in from the cold (sledding, building snowmen, or just having fun outside).
  • Therapeutic
    • Back Heating Pad - Our lap warmer is the ideal heating pad for general back pain.
    • Lumbar Heating Pad - Our lap or neck warmer helps releive lumbar pain
    • Neck Heating Pad releives sore neck and shoulder muscles.
    • Shoulder Heating Pad - Our lap and neck warmers are perfect to releieve shoulder pain.
    • Foot Heating Pad - our pillow or lap warmer is great for warming cold feet
    • Helps ease the pain of arthritis
    • Helps ease the pain of fibromyalgia
    • Helps relieve muscle pain and aches - sore neck, sore back
    • Migraines - helps east migraine headaches
    • Menstrual Cramps - helps ease stomach pain
    • Headache Relief - helps ease stress headaches
  • Keeping the kids warm while they wait for the bus
  • Warming coats, gloves and shoes
  • Warm your car seat on those chilly mornings
  • Great to keep you toasty while studying, watching TV, or just lounging around
  • Super stress reliever
  • Nursing Home and Retirement Community - stay warm
  • Super Corn Cozy!!

(Always consult your doctor if using a warmer for therapeutic reasons)

A few more features

  • No cords
  • No batteries
  • Reusable - lasts for years
  • Eco Friendly
  • Natural - no chemicals


Everyone Loves our Corn Bag Warmers - the Best Neck, Back, and Shoulder Heating Pad!!

 Click Here to Order a Cornbag Warmer Now!!