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Our microwave bean bag warmers are simply the Most Comfortable Microwave corn heating pads available - browse our large selection.

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  • The Great Outdoors  Microwave Heating Pad

    The Great Outdoors

    Anyone with mountain fever or a desire to have a cabin in the woods will love this amazing pattern for your Corn Bag Warmer microwavable Corn Filled Heating Pad. This pattern contains elk, moose, and bears. You can purchase the following sizes: Hand...

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  • The Reef

    The Reef

    Simply Beautiful! A Very Peaceful Pattern of Colorful Fish on the Reef on a Light Blue Background Microwavable Corn Filled Heating Pad / Corn Bag Warmer. Sizes include Hand Warmer, Lap Warmer (Back Heating Pad), Pillow Warmer, Neck Warmer or Large Neck...

    $7.99 - $29.99
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